This is where I combine the Art of Astrology with Coaching

Consciously Integrating the 6 Polarities of Astrology

Your Birth Chart gives insights into the areas of your life that get most activated at the moment by the current transits.

We can then zoom into the Archetypes of these areas and the corresponding Axis'. This is where you get the most COSMIC support right now to work and consciously integrate these polar opposites.

Or we take your Birth Chart and focus on a specific area - e.g. your main life theme or your Soul's Plan - and work on integrating and embodying these energies in their most mature version.

We will customise this experience based on your personal needs and I'll provide you with exercises that support you in your integration process.

This method is very powerful in teaching radical Self-Responsibility.

I believe that a big part of our human journey is to harmonise each of the 6 polarities as good as we possibly can. As Richard Tarnas describes it: "It is about bringing together the opposing principles, to hold the tension of opposites and then bring about a creative synthesis that honours both archetypes. We should not fall on one side or the other or even demonise the other."

By consciously choosing the mature expression of each Archetype we can bring forth the most life enhancing expressions of each Axis - and with this a divine birthing process happens.