Your Birth Chart is an energetic blueprint of the moment you were born! 

 ...or as Christopher Renstrom calls it in modern language "A screenshot of the sky when you were born."

Your Birth Chart is like a snapshot of your highest potential.

It is a graphic reflection of the energies in your life. These energies are neutral. They just are, some more intense than others - yet you have absolute FREE WILL about how you want to manifest these energies in your life. Each Archetype has a huge spectrum of mature and immature expressions. You can choose which vibe you want to pick!

It is very helpful to be more aware of these energies and their possible expressions so that you can deliberately choose the mature expression, the “high vibe”, and therefore live your highest potential timeline in this lifetime.

The Goal of a Birth Chart Reading is to gain more awareness of your Soul Contract - to better understand what you came here for to master & learn. To get to know yourself better and to fully accept who you are: A UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF SOURCE. Once you are more conscious about your life’s blue print it’s easier for you to navigate this beautiful journey called life and you can fully TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE.


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